At Ward’s Gym all programming is done in-house and is designed and periodised specifically for the CrossFit Season. We’re not about doing random benchmark Wod’s week after week with no end goal. Our staff comprise highly educated coaches and regional athletes. If you’re a naturally competitive person or have been training at a gym for a long time but feel like you’ve plateaued then take note. We can push you to the limit and help you realise your full potential.

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At Ward’s Gym we offer a dozen specialty classes each week on top of all our CrossFit classes. These including powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics and mobility. In fact we offer more specialty classes than any other Crossfit gym in our area.

Doing wods will get you so far. Spending five minutes on tech during warm up before starting a workout isn’t going to see you progress at the rate you should.

Our specialty classes involve breaking down a movement, teaching the correct technique, building strength with appropriate strength cycles and accessory work to compliment and aid in the development of those movements.

If you want to take your Crossfit to the next level our experienced coaches will get you there faster. More to the point we actually give a shit about you and want you to be the best you can be. You’re not just another number.

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Put simply, CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world.

The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness that prepares individuals for any physical contingency. CrossFit programs comprise physical skills and adaptations that most universally lend themselves to performance advantage. This is achieved through increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains using constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity. The CrossFit specialty is not specialising!

Equally if not more important that the physical side of CrossFit is the emotional side. The side where a community spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. It’s a team atmosphere, a family where everyone encourages each other on the road to reaching their fitness goals. Being a CrossFitter is something much bigger than just getting a workout.


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