23RD – 7AM HIT, 8AM CF. 24TH, 25TH, 26TH – CLOSED. 27TH, 28TH, 29TH – CF/HIT 6AM & 6PM. 30TH – CF/HIT 8AM. 31ST, 1ST, 2ND – CLOSED

CROSSFIT – Catering to all levels of fitness, these classes are designed to build physical competence in the ten recognised domains of fitness. These are: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. We always finish with a conditioning circuit type workout that will test movements you have worked on earlier in the session with Cardio.

HIT – Our own unique High Intensity Training program designed around weight loss, increasing strength and improving fitness. Similar to CrossFit in the sense that every session is different with constant variety but without the heavy barbell work and technical gymnastics movements. It predominantly focuses on body weight movements, core strengthening exercises, and heaps of cardio. It serves as a great foundation program to progress to CrossFit at a later stage if interested.

8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE – This is for anyone starting out in our HIT program. Our own unique High Intensity Training program designed around weight loss and improving fitness. Each Transformation Challenge runs for 8 Weeks, and includes pre and post fitness testing, nutritional advice, dietary analysis, measurements, photo and progress tracking throughout. To book in for the next available Challenge go to: 8 WEEK CHALLENGE

OLY LIFTING – Olympic Lifting – This is an Advanced lifting class designed for anyone looking to work specifically on their Snatch, Clean and Jerk. We do offer a beginners class for anyone starting out or wanting to learn barbell fundamentals before moving into the Advanced classes.

GYMNASTICS – These classes are purely skill sessions for learning and improving gymnastics movements such as Handstand pushups, Ring Muscle Ups, Chin up tech variations etc. Each week is dedicated to a different movement.

BOXING – These classes focus on technique and conditioning. Learn self defence and build confidence in a fun and controlled environment while improving your core strength and overall fitness. Classes involve footwork drills, paired drills using gloves and pads working on different combinations each week, and circuit training for conditioning.

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes catering to all levels. Gi and No Gi, sport and self defence. To register your interest please email Gavin at Gavin@wardsgym.com.au

MUMS & BUBS – 45 minute circuit scalable to any fitness level. Aimed at improving core strength and overall fitness. Mid morning time slots to work in with your bubs schedule and also includes supervision of bubs so you can get more from your training.

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