Ward’s Gym Professional Seminar Series One: GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP

How many times in your life have you been excited about a new diet, gym program or goal only to just chuck it all in the too hard basket a few weeks later?
The truth is changing your habits and behavior to achieve your goals requires so much more than motivation and willpower.

In this workshop we’ll go through:

  • Exactly why is it that some people succeed in their goals yet others don’t
  • The hidden forces you need to address to ensure you’ll achieve your goals
  • The four key action steps you can take now to plan your best 2017
  • How to write your goals in one easy to follow formula
  • How to keep yourself accountable to your goals

Details are as follows:
: FREE for all Wards gym members. $40 for non-members.
WHEN: Wednesday 14th December at 7pm.
WHERE: Ward’s Gym, 11 Rooney St Richmond.
WHAT WILL GO DOWN: Lots of positive mind-setting and accountability to lock down some solid realistic goals for the new year. Plus a bunch of tools to help you smash your goals!

Email to secure your spot today or fill out the contact form below: